Working hours from 5:00 to 14:00 +3GMT. Weekends – free schedule.


This operation is performed in manual mode. Payment will be credited after 1 confirmation of the transaction. Payout time up to 4 hours

Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 2609938.1623 RUB

min.: 0.0114 BTC, max.: 0.1915 BTC

max.: 0.1915 BTC

min.: 30000 RUB, max.: 500000 RUB

max.: 500000 RUB
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Обмен Bitcoin на Сбер код


  • Cash withdrawal from ATM using digital code ;
  • order are processed manually from 5:00 to 14:00 Moscow time, Sat, Sun and holidays – order are not processed. Applications created outside of business hours will be processed on the next business day.
  • Payment will be credited after 1 transaction confirmation.
  • Transfer the amount exactly as indicated in the order, do not forget about the transfer fees charged by exchanges and other wallets;
  • Codes are divisible by 100 rubles, the payment amount will be rounded in favor of the service;
  • Terms of payment from 30 minutes to 4 hours during business hours;
  • For the security of your funds, any changes to the data of the order, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the order;

By creating an order you automatically agree to the above conditions.

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